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The Best Guitar Lessons in Laguna Niguel!

Andrew L - Guitar Instructor
phone: (949) 363-0155

     Andrew has been playing the guitar for over twenty years.  He graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara and the Los Angeles Music Academy.  He is well versed in rock, blues, metal, jazz and classical.  Andrew performs professionally at restaurants, theaters, festivals, churches and schools throughout South Orange County. 

     In addition to electric and acoustic guitar, Andrew also teaches ukulele lessons, mandolin lessons and banjo lessons.  He is a very mellow and laid back teacher.   Andrew is great at teaching you any song you want to learn quickly by using tab.  He enjoys to teach all ages and levels and takes a great pride in his work and his student progression.  Call today to set up guitar lessons with Andrew.

Learn to play the guitar well by taking guitar lessons from Andrew in our Laguna Niguel store.  He also can help you learn to play the ukelele or mandolin or banjo.

Tyler C - Guitar Teacher
phone: (949) 363-0155

     Tyler has been playing guitar and performing professionally since he was young.  He recently graduated from Cal State Northridge’s Jazz program where he was fortunate enough to study under some of LA’s highest caliber musicians.  Tyler is well versed is a variety of styles that range from pop, rock, funk, blues, jazz and classical.  While performing professionally as a live and studio musician, Tyler also has gained extensive amount teaching experience.  While working with students of all ages, he is great at personalizing lessons to give the student exactly what they are looking for. 

     In addition to teaching guitar, Tyler also teaches bass, ukulele and Mandolin lessons.  Tyler loves to teach and share his passion for music to students of all levels and he makes it his goal to instill that devotion into each and every one of his students.  Call today to schedule your lessons with Tyler.

Tyler is one of the best young guitar teachers in south orange county and is great with teaching kids how to play the guitar at our Laguna Niguel location.

Electric guitar lessons and acoustic guitar lessons are for all ages including children, young kids, teenagers and Adults.  Guitar Lessons in Laguna Niguel.