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The Best Piano Lessons in Laguna Niguel!

Brenda A - Piano Teacher
phone: (949) 363-0155

     Brenda began playing piano at the age of 6 and has been playing piano for over 15 years now, as well as her involvement with other musical instruments.  Throughout her education, Brenda has been actively involved in several music programs such as Jazz Band, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, and Piano Ensemble.  She has also completed Certificate of Merit and is experienced in performing Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Jazz.

     Brenda has studied Music Education at Irvine Valley College and is continuing her studies at Cal State Fullerton.  She has completed multiple classes in Music Theory, Music Performance, and Musicality, as well as various classes in Child Development. Brenda’s love for piano has expanded into her passion to teach others as well as giving her students the opportunity to enjoy piano and the art of music as much as she does.  Overall, Brenda’s goal as a teacher is to make every student succeed, grow, and enjoy being a pianist!

Brenda teaches piano lessons in Laguna Niguel for music students in Aliso Viejo, Dana Point, Ladera Ranch and Laguna Hill.s

Giovanna M - Piano Tutor
phone: (949) 363-0155

     Giovanna started piano at the age of seven and completed the California Certificate of Merit program with senior honors.  She has over six years of piano teaching experience and has worked alongside professors, such as Kirill Gliadkovsky from USC, and others from Julliard, Fullerton, and other Cal-state universities.  Giovanna’s higher education has helped her serve students of diverse musical interests and disabilities.  From singing in a choir, to the theory of pop music, jazz, and the four classical eras, Giovanna believes all students find their joy in playing the piano through private studio lessons.  Aside from teaching, Giovanna’s passion for engineering, water conservation, and pollution has made her love of science equally important as well.  She encourages students to pursue any education with persistence.

Giovanna teaches piano lessons in orange county at our store in Laguna Niguel.

Stephanie B - Piano Tutor
phone: (949) 363-0155

      Stephanie has been teaching piano for over ten years now, both piano lessons and voice lessons. She began studying music when she was six years old under the tutelage of several caring teachers. As she got older she participated in Bach Festivals and Honors Recitals given by the Music Teacher's Association of California, and was part of the Certificate of Merit program for several years. 

     After spending a year with her husband at Whiteman AFB in Missouri, Stephanie is very happy to be rejoining the OC Music family teaching piano lessons.  Stephanie has her BA in Music Arranging from Azusa Pacific University and a MA in Humanities: Literature from CSU Dominguez Hills.  Stephanie is very well classically trained in piano and voice.  She is very dedicated to her students and loves to see them grow as a musician. Simply put, Stephanie is a great piano teacher. 

Piano lessons in Laguna Niguel are taught by Stephanie who teaches piano and voice lessons in South Orange County area.

Jacqueline H - Piano Teacher
phone: (949) 363-0155

     Jacqueline began playing piano at the age of seven and continued taking lessons for over fifteen years.  She graduated from the Berkson Music Studio, a program which educates its students in theory, technique and broad genres of music ranging from classical to modern and jazz.  She is familiar with and has performed pieces coming in great part from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary eras but also greatly enjoys playing and teaching popular or jazz music as well. 

     Since graduating, Jacqueline has received her bachelors in science in human biology from the University of California, San Diego, where she completed her area of concentration studies in music as well as the social sciences.  Besides experience in teaching piano, Jacqueline has a background in teaching college general chemistry as well as vocational education for students
with mental disabilities.  She has a passion for teaching others as well as a deep love for the piano and enjoys nothing more than sharing this with others.

Jacqueline teaches piano lessons in south orange county.  She is a piano teacher in Laguna Niguel byt Dana point, Laguna Hills and Ladera Ranch.

Danielle C - Piano Educator
phone: (949) 363-0155

      Danielle has been teaching private piano lessons for over a decade.  She is a trained classical pianist who has been playing for almost 20 years. Although she played mostly classical music in her early years of studying music, she loves to teach all genres including classical, blues/jazz, pop arrangements, folk, and rock.  Her students learn all major and minor five finger patterns, scales, and arpeggios.  Danielle’s students work on theory, sight reading, Czerny, and Hanon exercises in order to help shape them into better musicians.  Not only does she help students with the technical aspect of playing, but she also guides them to play musically and with passion.  Danielle loves sharing her vast knowledge of music with her students and teaching is a very rewarding job that she looks forward to everyday.

Take piano lesson from Danielle in Laguna Niguel.

Piano lessons for children, kids and adults.  The best piano teachers teach piano lessons in Laguna Niguel.